ZOLEX Hand Cleaner

Soft Exfoliating Cosmetic-Grade Particles

Economical Concentrated Formula

Odor Fighting Fresh Clean Fragrance

Rinses Clean

No Greasy Residue

Long Shelf Life

Keeps Sinks Clean

Will Not Clog Drains or Pipes


Neutral pH Formula Protects Skin

No Harsh Ingredients (Non-Toxic)

Solvent-Free and Petroleum-Free

Pumice-Free (No Harmful Scrubbers)

Lanolin-Free and Lotion-Free

Leaves Skin Feeling Soft, Never Dry!

Never Irritates or Burns Open Wounds

Will Not Crack Skin or Nails

As you can see from the many benefits listed above, ZOLEX is an American-made product that has proven to be the best, most effective, non-industrial, heavy-duty, water-activated hand cleaner available today.  Check below for our most popular container sizes being distributed by our network. If a larger sized container is something your customer is interested in, both 12 and 25 pound tubs are available. Please contact us for more information concerning these larger sizes.

Core Integrated Services is excited to introduce Zolex Hand Cleaner, on behalf of the manufacturer,  to small businesses that are interested in taking advantage of this incredible ground floor opportunity. So, be the first in your area to distribute this great new product by clicking here for more information.

Be sure to ask us about how to receive free freight on your order.

A Core Integrated Service's "Private Label" is currently available. We also allow distributors to provide their own "Private Label". Please click here  to contact us for more information.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is available to our distributors upon request.

Sample-Sized Tub (3OZ)

This sample container provides the distributor with an effective demo-sized sales tool. Just enough hand cleaner so that the customer experiences the benefits. Don't be surprised how quickly they get back to you requesting more ZOLEX!

Personal 3/4 Pound Tub

This Personal 3/4 Pound container is perfect for the individual. The container has a convenient screw-down lid and is small enough to fit in a tool box, drawer, or under the sink at home.

Small Shop 1.5 Pound Tub

This is the perfect size for a smaller shop with just a few users. It is also provides the individual user with a more economical option.

Best Value 3 Pound Tub

This is a great size for larger shops with several users. This size provides the purchaser with the best value because ZOLEX has a long shelf-life and does not lose its effectiveness over time!