Personal 3/4 Pound Tub

A more economical option for the single user!

The ZOLEX  3/4 Pound Tub comes with a screw-top lid and is conveniently sized with a generous amount of heavy-duty, eco-friendly, non-toxic, super scrubbing, hand cleaner. This is a perfect size for the individual user who needs to store it in a tool box, drawer, or under the sink at home. ZOLEX is a water-activated, petroleum-free, and solvent-free hand cleaner that is tough enough for industrial use, yet safe enough for home use. ZOLEX provides deep cleaning action that removes dirt, grease, grime, paint, ink, tar, adhesives, varnish and virtually everything else from hard working hands. This great product is used by almost every industry, including automotive, airline, marine, railroad, printing, mining and jewelry. Don't forget that ZOLEX is also great for cleaning up after home projects because it will not clog drains or pipes, will not stain the sink, and is safe for septic systems.

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Sample-Sized Tub (3OZ)

This sample container provides the distributor with an effective demo-sized sales tool. Just enough hand cleaner so that the customer experiences the benefits. Don't be surprised how quickly they get back to you requesting more ZOLEX!

Small Shop 1.5 Pound Tub

This is the perfect size for a smaller shop with just a few users. It is also provides the individual user with a more economical option.

Best Value 3 Pound Tub

This is a great size for larger shops with several users. This size provides the purchaser with the best value because ZOLEX has a long shelf-life and does not lose its effectiveness over time!