Core Integrated Services (CIS) combines expertise and knowledge that spans almost 30 years, nearly 15 of which were spent on the front lines as a successful small business owner.  Our CEO and Founder has worked professionally all over the world as a Technology expert and has worked closely in and around a wide range of industries such as: Automotive / Tire / Supplies, Construction, Communications / Media, Aviation, Energy, and Financial.  CIS has extensive experience in Sales, Project Management, Sales Engineering, Professional Training, Field Engineering, Customer Service, Technical Support, Purchasing, Logistics, Wholesale Distribution, and Retail.


The CIS Founder and CEO operated an extremely successful truck-based mobile supply business with approximately 300 regular customers. This experience, as well as all of the professional relationships fostered over that period, is what qualifies CIS to take on the distribution challenges being faced by small business owners everywhere!
CIS was born out of necessity. Small businesses are under attack every day, from every angle. It seems that independents and small businesses alike are not immune to the epidemic of large corporations with deep pockets endeavoring to put them out of business. CIS understands this challenge and strives every day to find exciting products to distribute that helps small business stay diversified and profitable.

Products and Services

ZOLEX Hand Cleaner

Ground-breaking gentle formula that powerfully cleans even the toughest grease without drying your skin.

Interactive Distribution Map

Whether your are trying to find a Distributor or wishing to become one in your area, our Interactive Map can help!